Repeal of planned FCC privacy rules leave ISPs largely unregulated

FCC-FTC Privacy

Internet service providers have few practical restrictions on how they handle their customers’ information and are subject to substantially fewer regulations than web content providers, e-commerce companies, and technology firms whose users rely on those same ISPs.

Tax season means it’s time to watch out for W-2 scams

W-2 phishing

Perhaps harder to understand is why so many of these emails make it through to their recipients, whether or not the recipients actually fall for the scam.

European Court of Justice rules against UK on data retention


The Court’s answer is that EU law precludes national legislation that prescribes general and indiscriminate retention of data.

After Yahoo! breach, can users do anything to protect their online data?

In light of news reports that company executives did little to strengthen cyber-defenses, the group that seems most overlooked in the aftermath of the breach is Yahoo! customers.

Delta and other air carriers show how not to do disaster recovery

Whether a power outage or an equipment malfunction was actually the cause of the outage, neither of those issues should have brought Delta’s systems down if the company had implemented the sort of IT redundancy that is common among major commercial enterprises.