European Court of Justice rules against UK on data retention


The Court’s answer is that EU law precludes national legislation that prescribes general and indiscriminate retention of data.

European Court ruling invalidates Safe Harbor

The ruling is implicitly a declaration that, by permitting access to European citizens’ personal data by the NSA or other government agencies that most certainly do not adhere to core EC privacy principles, the U.S. violates the onward transfer principle and essentially negotiated the safe harbor framework in bad faith.

Change in European Commission, UK government likely to bring action on privacy

While there appears to no shortage of consideration in the current administration or Congress for addressing privacy practices in some contexts in the United States, efforts to strengthen personal privacy protections seem to be gaining momentum…

Experience of European legislator shows philosophical differences on privacy, and lack of trust in U.S. government

A story published this week in the New York Times highlights some of the key privacy concerns many Europeans have with U.S. data collection practices, particularly those followed under the justification of preventing terrorism. The article…

Mistakes in UK NHS organ donor consent data show importance of validating data from outside sources

As reported in the Daily Telegraph, the British National Health Service (NHS) is blaming an IT error for the presence of inaccurate consent information for about 800,000 people about their wishes for organ donation after death….

Microsoft working with German government to implement claims-based ID cards

While promoting the release of its Forefront Identity Manager product set during this week’s RSA conference in San Francisco, Microsoft announced its support for a prototype national ID card system in Germany that is designed to…

German court overturns anti-terrorism data retention law

Today the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany struck down a law requiring telecommunications companies to retain individual user data on phone and Internet usage in case it is needed by law enforcement authorities in criminal investigations….