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This site exists to offer information and educational resources to those interested in learning about information security and privacy, with an emphasis on security architecture. There is no single definition for the term security architecture but for our purposes we use it to mean the collective components or layers of security that must be considered to provide information assurance. These include policy and security management, application security, data security, platform security, network and perimeter security, physical security, and user security.

The information on this site is arranged to facilitate learning, using both materials provided by SecurityArchitecture.com and external sources of information. The site also features our opinions and perspectives on topics of interest related to security, including our blog. You can also follow us on Twitter. We welcome feedback on the site and comments or questions regarding information you see here.

We address a wide variety of topics across all aspects of information security and privacy, with a focus driven in part by current industry and government developments impacting information security and risk management practices.