Read-only computer security hardware device claims to be hack-proof

Despite the dismissal-as-foolishness that such claims often bring, security start-up vendor InZero Systems is marketing a sort of hardware proxy device that it claims is hackproof.
As featured in an article in the March 8, 2010 issue of Business Week, the device operates using read-only memory and operating system execution, yielding no foothold for malware or other invasive threats to succeed. Users place the InZero device between their own computer and the Internet, presenting a protected outward facing interface while passing safe content through to users. The article likens using the device to using a webcam pointed at another computer to insulate yourself from anything malicious that might be out there. The company cites a fairly impressive list of penetration testers and other expert security evaluators, none of which apparently have been able to compromise the device.

2 Comments on “Read-only computer security hardware device claims to be hack-proof

  1. I would be interested in a follow-up on this device. It sounds like a redundant firewall. I don’t see how it is hack-proof. Everything is “hackable”- it just takes time, and technology. But, internet security and online safety are big industries- please update this post, would like to know if the thing every took off or not..?

  2. In terms of an update, there has not been a lot of news on this technology in about a year, but all indications are that the company remains in business and actively selling their solution. Certainly there is much in common between this device and a bastion host or proxy firewall, but the theoretical difference is that there is no path through the device to clients it protects, so even if the box is compromised, there is no launch point for an attacker to the systems deeper in the environment.